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​Our Mission:

1) Contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the training of students on three core areas: Plant Ecology, Biodiversity and Function of Urban Social-Ecological Systems. 2) Facilitate the transfer scientific information to forms where they can be used by policy makers and the general public. 3) Serve as educators and help improve local and global environmental literacy.

Learn more about us and our other projects in our official page at the University of Puerto Rico


Greening Efforts

Strategic greening efforts on the avian and pollinator communities in Puerto Rico's urban landscape.

Educational Interventions

Evaluate the impact of educational interventions to promote sustainable relationship between humans and nature.

Larger Transdisciplinary Experiment

These initial data will be critical for the design and implementation of a larger transdisciplinary, landscape-scale experiment that will evaluate the impact of a variety of urban socio-ecological system aspects.

Research: Research
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